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We have developed the Earth Starch – life cycle chart, to demonstrate our  products unique properties and at the same time show the types of facilities in New Zealand Earth Starch 100% compostable bags can be disposed. 

Earth Starch is committed to working toward a complete solution to the plastic bag problem. We do not want to be just another compostable bag on the market; we want to be an active part of the solution. At Earth Starch our team recognise the need to help promote and support a complete education process around waste management, focussing on the compost component. Naturally there are numerous points to consider for this to happen and Earth Starch is right there working with different industry segments to understand their individual challenges.

Composting at home and commercially can be a great step forward and it does make sense. For a solution to be effective it must also address the complete waste problem, our team has been working with various stakeholders to provide viable solutions. We have commercial operators willing to work with us to provide a full commercial composting solution, it just makes EARTH SENSE

Several stakeholders from different industries have made their feelings clear as to why they have been reluctant to adopt compostable bags as a feasible replacement to single use plastic. The most common reasons seem to be:
    a lack of understanding about the technology that makes up compostable bags,
    the differences between biodegradable and compostable
    lack of knowledge about the key certifications
    confusion around plastic additives
    what infrastructure do we need to deal with composting
    how do we get the education message across
    contaminant to the soft plastic recycling program
These have been and are valid reasons, solutions can ONLY happen when you have a problem and parties who are prepared to work together. Indicators are showing that compostable bags both single and multi-use will fast become a part of our everyday existence; Earth Starch is ready to work with YOU.

Earth Starch products do not interrupt the food chain - here’s a little known fact: During the ‘COLD WAR’, China stored sufficient food to feed their entire population for 5 years!!! Not surprisingly this food supply has exceeded its use by date and is now a key component for our bags. Talk to us with confidence we are happy to help your organisation (regardless of size) to make informed decisions.  



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